For Insurance: Real Estate and Tangible Property

Preliminary Insurance Appraisal of Real Estate and Tangible Property

In case of a loss, an insurance policy underestimating the insured value will imply the application of the “average rule”, in accordance with article 1907 of Italian Civil Code and with insurance contracts. In the event of bad losses, the insured company may suffer from considerable difficulties and, in some cases, managers personal liability may be involved.
Roux Italia and its experts are at your disposal to assist you in assessing the value of the sums to be insured for your buildings, machinery, plants, equipment and furniture and to keep them suitable over the years.

ROUX ITALIA is totally independent from any other Insurance and /or Reinsurance Company, Broker or Agency.
ROUX ITALIA can offer you an appraisal of the values to be insured that, together with an “Insurance Policy with Declaration of Value”, allows to obtain contractually your insurer’s written waiver of the “average rule”.

This solution guarantees an adeguate insurance cover and, in case of loss, the quick payment of an indemnity in accordance with the extent of damage. This procedure, first introduced in France, was subsequently introduced in Italy, as well as in many other countries, by Roux.

ROUX ITALIA is able to meet the needs of its customers all over the world through the TINSA Group and the ARCALAUDIS network.