For Insurance: Loss Assessing Service

Service for claims settlement: Loss Assessing Service

The Insurance General Conditions in Italy generally provide for right of the insured party to be assisted by a loss assessor of his/her choice and insurance policies often provide even for refund of fees.
The loss settlement is always faced by Insurance Companies with assistance of their own loss adjusters.
ROUX ITALIA services are exclusively meant for Insured parties and not for Insurance Companies.
ROUX ITALIA offers you its services thanks to its team of qualified loss assessors in buildings, machinery,plants, equipment, furniture and merchandise damage assessing.

They include:

  • Immediate steps to be taken.
  • Assistance in the assessment of damage caused to buildings, machinery, plants, equipment, furniture, raw materials and finished products.
  • Cross-examination with the Insurance Company loss adjuster.
  • Everything included in the “Loss Assessor /Adjuster Mandate”.

The same service can be offered in case of business interruption losses.
ROUX ITALIA is able to meet the needs of its customers all over the world through the TINSA Group and the ARCALAUDIS network.