For Business: Appraisal of Fixed Assets

Roux Italia offers a lot of appraisal services

How is it possible to manage a property without knowing its value? Company Managers must ask themselves: what is the value of my company’s fixed assets?
But they also need to establish which value they have to take into consideration, as well as the purpose of it: merger, partial or total sale, loan guarantee? etc.
For such delicate purposes only well experienced professionals in the field of machinery and equipment inventory valuation, as well as in the field of real estate appraisal, can satisfy your requirements.
ROUX ITALIA represents the best mean to obtain an adequate appraisal, through criteria that have been tailored to your purpose.
ROUX ITALIA offers, for instance, services of appraisal of:

  • REAL ESTATE APPRAISALS: such service can be provided also on a “due diligence” basis (for Real Estate Investment Funds, etc.)
  • MARKET VALUE in continued use of whole factory in view of the continuity of the activity (in case of sale, merger, revaluation, etc.)
  • OPEN MARKET VALUE also of single assets (for example, in case of sale by lots of company properties)
  • LIQUIDATION VALUE of all fixed assets in brief delay of time (in case of company cutback)

ROUX ITALIA is able to meet the needs of its customers all over the world through the TINSA Group and the ARCALAUDIS network.