Independence of ROUX ITALIA

Independence and Quality of ROUX ITALIA S.r.l. Services

ROUX ITALIA is an independent industrial and real estate valuer, as well as a loss assessor.

ROUX ITALIA has no financial or commercial tie with any insurance or reinsurance company , broker or agent, nor with any audit consultants, tax consultant, bank, enterprise broker or merchant bank, real estate agent, machinery dealer, intermediary or auctioneer, as well as with any client, and therefore, beeing ROUX ITALIA completely independent, its activity is free from any pressure that might have influence on the correctitude of its service rendering, and the payment of its fees can never be related to specific results obtained by or from its services.

ROUX ITALIA is a partner of ARCALAUDIS International Network, one of the greatest world networks for industrial valuations.
ROUX ITALIA is officially recognized as preliminary valuer by European and non European Insurance Companies, and its Quality System conforms to the standard: UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for all its services, as assessed by DNV-GL BUSINESS ASSURANCE ITALIA SRL, a qualified member of ACCREDIA